We all need to do our bit to protect New Zealand Waterways. If you are moving items between waterways you should always Check, Clean, Dry.


Before leaving a waterway, check items for clumps of algae. Leave any debris that is found at the waterway.


In October 2021, The Ministry For Primary Industries (MPI) changed the recommendation about how best to clean your gear if you’re using dishwashing detergent.

Until then, the advice was to use a mix of 5% dishwashing detergent and water and keep the item wet for at least a minute.

Now it's 10 for 10

The revised advice is to:

  • use a mix of 10% dishwashing detergent with water
  • leave the item wet for 10 minutes.

This is the first update for many years and the main reasons for it are changes in detergents and the pests that we need to stop.

This is based on research by NIWA, MPI will gradually update the Didymo resources with the "10 for 10" messaging.


If cleaning is not practical, dry the item to the touch and then leave drying for an additional 48 hours.

Specific cleaning methods have been developed for some freshwater activities.

Watch the video

Biosecurity NZ's video guide to "slowing the spread" of freshwater pests is available by clicking here.