Fishing trips are exciting for both parents and children. Shared experiences connect us.

Adults enjoy the opportunity to introduce the next generation to a hobby they enjoy, and the prospect of it leading to a lifetime of fishing enjoyment for the next generation.

While the youngsters are instilled with an appreciation of wild places, the rhythms of nature and the value of harvesting their own food.

Here are some simple tips to make fishing a fun and memorable experience.

  • Emphasise that fishing is fun, catching is a bonus. Use the time to foster an appreciation for the outdoors.
  • Leave YOUR fishing rod at home. Not carrying your rod induces the mindset that you are taking the kids, they aren’t taking you.
  • Target areas with a high likelihood of success. Bait fishing often has the highest strike rate.
  • Morning trips are the best – the fish bite better and the kids have more energy.
  • Go somewhere where the kids feel safe and are safe. Avoid high banks and swift water.
  • Pick a sunny day with moderate temperatures but pack a warm layer for the kids in case the weather turns.
  • Take plenty of breaks from fishing. You could bring a ball, a book or even swimming gear to mix up the activities. Bring plenty of snacks.
  • Keep the trip short – a couple of hours max.
  • Be patient, take pictures and have fun!