New Zealand is one of the worlds great fishing countries. Lakes, rivers, back country stream and spring creeks all offer fantastic opportunities to catch that fish.

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Getting Started

It couldn't be easier to get out into nature and enjoy our wild places and the thrill of catching fish.

Fishing in Action

When does a hobby become an obsession?

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Where to Fish

Wherever you go in New Zealand - North or South inland or near the coast - you are likely to be close to some pretty good…

Licences and regs
Fishing Licences & Regulations

It’s our mission to champion our waterways and to promote accessible fishing for all New Zealanders… it is our passion…

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Follow the Fish - News & Events

Stay in touch, get involved in our community and join the conversation.

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Fishing Events Calendar

List of upcoming fishing events throughout New Zealand.

Most waters in New Zealand are in the public domain. Many are easily accessed via public right of way and the Queens Chain. Others can usually be visited through landowner permission.

Please be aware of local regulations regarding seasons, catch limits, licensing laws and fishing methods. Fishing in New Zealand is administered by local Fish & Game Councils. Each region has a section on this website that will keep you up to date with local news, regulations, fishing licence agents and more. If you are heading to a region you are unfamiliar with, please take a moment to visit the local section of this website.

You need a current Sports Fishing Licence for all waters. A range of licences are available and there are special licence requirements for non residents and anglers who want to fish designated waters or needing a controlled fisheries licence Fisheries.