An extensive track system provides access to many fishing spots in the vicinity of the Arapuni Dam including popular fishing spots at Brandon’s Pool and the Arapuni tailrace, spillway and headrace. These waters hold some of the largest trout in the region

Access to the confluence of the tailrace and the spillway can be achieved from a track starting from the Arapuni Village that leads to a swing bridge across the river (alternatively park your car near the Arapuni Powerhouse and walk up the road to the swing bridge).  Once across the swing bridge you will see concrete steps on the opposite side of the road. Walk up the steps and then around the transformer station where a gravel road leads down to the tailrace/spillway confluence.  About 200m down this road, another road on the left leads to the headrace – this area is also open to fishing.  The road down to the confluence is about 2km, and after 1.5km a track on the right leads to Brandon’s Pool.  There are other fishing spots in this area, including small backwaters and several boulder walls between the confluence and Brandon’s Pool. As yet there are no tracks to these areas but you’re welcome to find your own way.

The Waikato River Trail from Arapuni Road to the mouth of the Little Waipa passes many good fishing spots including productive water in the Arapuni Tailrace. 

The Arapuni Bridge is popular with anglers who use light spinning gear with a small ball sinker and fly, which is bounced along the riverbed. After capture, trout are retrieved from the water by using a basket/net on a rope.

Map Arapuni