Ballots close 5pm 3rd November 2023.

Applications are invited for the following ballots owned by Northland Fish & Game Council:

  • Kawakawa Wetland (Kawakawa) – One stand available
  • Flaxmill Wetland (Waihue Road, Dargaville) – One stand available
  • Underwood Wetland (Hoanga Road, Dargaville) – Four stands available, for 2024 Opening Weekend only.

Please note that Underwood Wetland is a newly developed wetland near the confluence of the Manganui and Northern Wairoa rivers. Stand locations will be balloted for opening weekend only, for a one-year term i.e. all stand locations will be re-balloted each year. Hunting is to be done from temporary hides - there is to be no building of maimai in the wetland.

If you wish to apply, please fill in the application form by selecting here or select the button at the bottom of the page. You will be sent an email to confirm that it has been received.

Note that all applications must include the names of two game bird hunters and their details. Applicants are entitled to ballot for as many wetlands as they wish. Once an applicant draws a stand then their applications will be removed from the remaining wetlands if they had applied for multiple wetlands. If successful in obtaining a ballot, the stand holder is required to abide by the rules and conditions stated in the permit for the wetlands.

For more information, please contact the office on 09 4384135.

Ballot Application Form

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