Golden Bay is not a renowned trout fishing destination as the high rainfall and volatile flood regime keep the trout population fairly limited.  There are some stunning rivers that hold large brown trout, and during periods of stability, the trout population can increase.

The Aorere River is the largest river in Golden Bay, and offers the angler many miles of back country fishing for large brown trout in scenic surroundings. The water is often a brownish colour but in the upper reaches is extremely clear and deep. The upper river is part of the Tasman Wilderness section of Kahurangi National Park.

Here the going is difficult but the keen angler is often rewarded with large and challenging fish. The main river features several impressive gorges with accessible reaches between. The lower river can provide productive angling for searun trout and Kahawai.

The Takaka River arises from rugged headwaters, with the upper river well-serviced by a hydro road which ends at the Cobb Reservoir.   From here it flows through farmland, where it is joined by the Waingaro and Anatoki rivers which hold low-moderate numbers of large brown trout. The section of the Takaka River from Lindsay’s Bridge to the Waingaro confluence is often dry.

The Cobb Reservoir in the headwaters holds a high population of small rainbows and some browns.

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