Finding it difficult to get started in hunting? There's a course that's perfect for you.

With our increasingly urbanised society, more and more would-be hunters don’t have the family or contacts to learn the skills or find the areas to be successful hunters.

Fish & Game NZ is aware of the problem and has tapped into a hunter training program run by the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association Inc – HUNTS.

The hunter national training scheme (HUNTS) introduces new hunters to the skills and knowledge to be safe and successful in our New Zealand outdoor environment, and has an approved syllabus delivered throughout the country by qualified and warranted instructors.

Increasingly Fish & Game has contributed to the courses with game bird hunting content on equipment, technique and places to hunt.

It reinforces NZDA’s emphasis on ethical and lawful hunting with an introduction to Fish & Game’s Hunting Guidelines and Game Bird Regulations.

Both NZDA and Fish & Game recognise that hunters commonly hunt both animals and birds, and the knowledge gained in hunting one species can lead to success with another.

A HUNTS course can give a new hunter a head start in getting out hunting.

HUNTS Hunter National Training Scheme Syllabus:

  • Legal, ethical and environmental responsibilities
  • Hunting equipment and food
  • Bush craft and navigation
  • Firearm safety, selection and marksmanship
  • Game species
  • Hunting techniques
  • Meat and trophy recovery
  • First aid and survival
  • Trip planning

Contact the National HUNTS Coordinator through or visit for more information.