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National Party fishing and hunting policy positive for anglers and hunters and conservation efforts

The National Party’s support for hunting and fishing recognises the valuable contribution anglers and hunters make to the country’s conservation efforts and the importance of trout, salmon and game birds…

  • 26/07/2023
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Government biodiversity policy won’t lead to a better environment

A new Government policy aimed at protecting New Zealand’s natural environment is complex and contradictory.

  • 11/07/2023
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Key trout spawning streams identified in lower Clutha River/Mata-au

Pictured: Master’s student Olivier Raven, from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, inspects an otolith extracted from a brown trout caught in the Pomahaka River.

  • 10/07/2023
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Fish & Game New Zealand cautiously welcomes recommended changes to RMA reforms

Recommended changes to the proposed law to replace the Resource Management Act (RMA) are a boost to the future of freshwater fishing and game bird hunting but questions remain over…

  • 28/06/2023
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De-intensify agriculture only way to save high country lakes

The declining state of Canterbury’s high country lakes shown in a new Ministry for the Environment report highlights that intensive agriculture should never have been allowed in these sensitive ecosystems,…

  • 28/06/2023
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Uncertain future for fishing and hunting under Resource Management Act reforms

The proposed law to replace the Resource Management Act (RMA) heralds a major challenge to the future of freshwater fishing and game bird hunting, says Fish & Game New Zealand.

  • 18/06/2023
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Fish & Game calls for support to farm recovery effort

Fish & Game is calling on anglers and hunters to reach out to farmers still cleaning up from the devastation of cyclone events earlier in the year.

  • 21/05/2023
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Fish & Game calls for Water Conservation Orders to be enforced

Fish & Game New Zealand is urging regional councils to step up and protect New Zealand’s rivers and lakes by enforcing Water Conservation Orders (WCOs).

  • 30/04/2023
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Fish & Game scientists research New Zealand’s rivers with electric fishing technology

The effects of barriers to fish passage on native species and trout in Taranaki, and a recovering kōaro and eel population in Nelson/Marlborough are among the insights gained in an…

  • 19/04/2023
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Regional council must act on deadly botulism outbreaks

An outbreak of avian botulism in Waikato’s Whangamarino wetland that has killed thousands of waterfowl including some rare indigenous species is yet another wake-up call for urgent action, says Fish…

  • 19/03/2023
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