Auckland trout – a unique school holiday activity on offer

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 14/04/2017

Auckland trout – a unique school holiday activity on offer

Here’s a school holiday activity with a real difference – watching and helping Fish & Game stocking Lake Pupuke on Auckland’s North Shore with catchable trout.

Trout have been released into the lake for over 100 years and Fish & Game’s Auckland-Waikato fisheries manager Adam Daniel says it offers children a unique “hands on” activity.

Right: Adam Daniel with a young helper at the last release into Lake Pupuke.

 “It’s an opportunity (on Thursday April 20) to introduce the kids to a great tradition and a fun learning experience all rolled into one,” Dr Daniel says.

For several years now the release of more than a thousand fish of around 30cm or more in length has been timed for the school holidays as something unique for children to see, he says.        

The rainbow and brown trout are trucked up from Fish & Game’s hatchery near Rotorua in the ‘live trout truck.’

The tanker normally arrives around mid-day and will park just to the east of the Madloop Windsurf School. Visitors are asked to park near the toilet blocks to leave plenty of room for the fish truck.

“The release is a hands-on experience for children who can do their bit to help by carrying nets to help disperse the fish – so they don’t become food for the local shag population,” Dr Daniel says.

“Children are encouraged to get in the water and assist with gently dispersing the fish.” 

Parents are reminded to be responsible for the safety of their children in the water and equip them with appropriate footwear and clothing.

“But expect kids to get wet and dirty,” Dr Daniel warns.

Adam Daniel’s “fish dog” Daisy also helps to scatter the fish. 

“She’s been trained to find trout hiding under the bank and move them on, although occasionally her instincts take over and she’s been known to dive under and catch a trout in her mouth.”

The event is sponsored by Berkley NZ and there will be spot prizes for children who attend.

Anyone fishing for sports fish such as trout in Lake Pupuke needs a valid licence but children under 12 can get one free and juniors (12-17 years old) can buy a licence at a reduced cost.

Fishing licences can be purchased from most fishing retailers or from Fish & Game’s website  (


Event summary - Lake Pupuke fish release 

 When:                         Thu 20 Apr 2017, 11:30am–1pm   

Where:                        Lake Pupuke, Sylvan Park Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland

Who:                           Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game


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