‘Great Weekend' To Try Trout Fishing On Rotorua Lakes

  • 3/06/2016

With fine weather forecast, holidaymakers heading for Rotorua are reminded that it’s a great time to have a go at trout fishing on the Rotorua lakes, says Fish & Game.

boat fishingWith spawning underway, there are good fishing prospects at the stream mouths and shorelines on lakes such as Rotoiti, Tarawera and Okataina where Fish & Game staff release trout.

“Anglers have been congregating around hatchery release points and stream mouths where trout are now returning to as the urge to spawn kicks in, says Fish & Game Officer Matt Osborne.

In April there was a slow start to spawning activity but better conditions in May have seen much improvement.

“Though many of the better known destinations are fly fishing only, there are still lots of areas where anglers, including kids, can use a spinning rod casting from the shoreline – a very affordable way to get out angling, Mr Osborne adds.

“There’s plenty of opportunity to have fun and take home a trout, he says.

“All it requires is a fishing license and some inexpensive gear – and sports shop retailers can point you in the right direction for having fun out on the Rotorua lakes.

"Anglers just need to be aware of the locations they are fishing and the rules that apply at those areas.”

Holidaymakers with boats in tow are urged to make the most of some great lake fishing this weekend, with only a few weeks left before the 'big three' lakes close at the end of June.

Rotoiti, Okataina and Tarawera will all close to boat fishing from July 1 until September 30.

At this time of year trout can be caught by towing lead lines and shallower trolling methods especially morning and evening. Tassie-style lures give a good action that entices trout to take lures.

The angling season also ends in the Ohau Channel on Lake Rotorua and upper sections of the Ngongotaha, Waiteti and Utuhina streams at the end of June.

Fish & Game reminds visitors that there are a range of licences available – from a One Day Licence for someone who simply wants to try trout fishing, to short and long break licences for people who want to fish more seriously over anything from three to nine days.

“With a Short Break you’re geared up to fish the three day holiday weekend – with Monday the Queen’s Birthday holiday. ”

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