Proposed Anglers Notice changes for Southland 2020-2022

  • Southland
  • 5/12/2019
  • Richie Cosgrove

Proposed Anglers Notice changes for Southland 2020-2022

The Southland Fish & Game Council is reviewing the Angler's Notice that sets rules for fishing for trout and salmon in the Southland Region for the season beginning October 2020, and for two seasons after that.

The Council at its October 2019 meeting has considered a series of changes and now seeks further input from Anglers:

1) A bag limit of two trout across all Southland waterbodies.

2) Lakes Fergus, Gunn & Hankinson be open to fishing all year.

3) That all methods (fly, spin and bait) are permitted in all Southland waterbodies.

4) That the season for the Windon Burn be changed to 1st November - 31st May to keep in line with other rainbow fisheries.

5) That the Worsley & Clinton Rivers be managed with a booking system.

Submissions on these suggestions must be received by the Council by Monday 20th January 2020.

Please send submissions to PO Box 159, lnvercargill 9840 or email to

Those wishing to speak to the Council on their submission, at the 4th February 2020 meeting, should identify so in their submission.


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