Auckland/Waikato Reel Life September 2019

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 23/09/2019

Auckland/Waikato Reel Life September 2019

Auckland council is proposing perch removal from Lake Otatoa /Rototoa

The Auckland Regional Council has received a large amount of funding to remove pest fish and has proposed a perch removal plan from a handful of Auckland Lakes including Lake Otatoa, now known as Lake Rototoa.

Although Fish & Game staff would celebrate the removal of perch from the lake it is highly unlikely that a removal effort would be successful.

No large perch population has ever been eradicated in New Zealand or oversees.

Above Right;Rototoa perch.

Fish & Game staff are supportive of restoring Lake Rototoa to its former glory but are not convinced the project would be successful.

Prior to 2002 Lake Rototoa was stocked annually and regularly produced six pound rainbow trout.

Season opener around to corner

Like most angler’s staff are busy preparing for the season opener.

This season will coincide with the school holidays, so it is a perfect opportunity to take the kids out for a fish or to sneak off for a mid-week break.

Although last season’s drift dive data was in line with expectations and reflected some very warm summers the cool winter and lack of major storms should help the situation.

With moderate fish populations and high over winter survival we are expecting some big fish.

If you are lucky enough to get one, please send us your opening day photos.

Two great fishing competitions

02 AWRLSep19

Moana-Nui Rainbow caught by Mark Bannister

The Reel Fishin' Lower Waikato River Trout Contest 2019 is on again from October 5th to the 12th.

This long standing competition on the Waikato River has some great prizes and is a good way to learn how to fish for trout on the Waikato and get to know some other keen fishers.

For more information on the Reel Fishin' Lower Waikato River Trout Contest 2019 check event finder.

The Tokoroa Sports Fishing Association have been extremely successful reviving there annual Take a Kid Fishing Competition.

The club has put in a lot of effort not only to work with the council to restore the lake but to put on a great event complete with a firework show.

The contest will take place at Lake Moana-Nui November 1st-3rd.

For more information see the Tokoroa Sports Fishing Association Facebook page.

Tight lines

Adam Daniels, Auckland/Waikato Fisheries Manager

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