Chris Dore column for Reel Life May 2017

  • 29/05/2017
  • Richie Cosgrove

Chris Dore column for Reel Life May 2017

June's never an easy month for fishing here in the Queenstown area, with browns well and truly in their spawning 'no go' areas for the rainbows, for the most part holding deep.

My focus turns towards fly casting clinics and reacquainting myself with the gear I pull out each winter, and if you know what you're doing, there are still fish to be caught.

Smaller stillwaters can produce well as the fish are much more accessible.

However you do require a change of tactics. 

Fast intermediate lines get your flies down to where the fish are, and keep them there throughout the retrieve.

Another benefit of an intermediate lines is avoiding surface disturbance on often glassy, winter days. 

Chris 2Yoshi Buggers, Damsel nymphs and various midge patterns are my go-to for winter stillwaters, and remember to keep on moving to cover ground and find those areas the fish are on the cruise. 

Those sections of rivers which remain open will hold fish in June, however the water is large and feeding fish are often few and far between ( we don't fish to actively spawning fish ).

Try heavy nymphs trailing egg patterns to pick up those Bows feeding below drop offs and seams.

The best way to cover maximum ground however is to employ switch, and spey style two handed rod systems.

These offer a fun and easy way to cover lots of water with flies that will get the job done and allow anyone to make longer, repeated casts time and time again.

For more info on two handed fly fishing check out www.chrisdore.comChris 3

Simons Uglies, Otters Soft milking eggs, Batman nymphs, Hothead leeches, Angelis foxy swingers and woolly buggers are my favourite river flies for June, my approach being to stand out catch the eye.  

So get out there in June. Not only to chase fish but to hone your A Game before the rainbows begin running in solid numbers mid winter.

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