Chris Dore column for Reel Life September 2017

  • 20/09/2017

Chris Dore column for Reel Life September 2017

Early season notes 

The rivers and streams around the region are in pretty good shape and a recent springtime recce saw mayfly hatching out on a number of smaller waters. Early season mayfly are often larger than those hatching out following warmer conditions, so 12's and 14's are often the norm. Coloburiscus / Kakahi queens are a feature of many of our hill country streams and are my favourite mayfly, and while they can trickle off at any time of the day, the more pleasant mid afternoon temperatures seem to be the catalyst for October hatches. 

With water temperatures often rising five degrees or more over a typical spring morning, you may find a noticeable change in trout feeding behaviour. First up fish may be dormant and close to cover, but moving into the riffles, foam lines and drop offs as the day and insect activity progresses.

Streamers are a fun way to get these sullen fish to react in the morning but don't go too big too soon. A small, beaded bugger or Mr Glister may be all thats needed to get them moving without the risk of alerting them with something larger.

Likewise, I often look towards colour in my nymphs before reaching for size. An orange, red, purple or similar bead, or hotspot accents on a nymph fished deep and slow may be all it takes to strike early morning success. 

Be conscious of lambing, stay in touch with the often changeable early season weather and always let someone know where you're going and when you'll return.

Have fun out there! 

Chris Dore

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