Graeme Marshall fishing report for Reel Life October 2017

  • 30/10/2017

Graeme Marshall fishing report for Reel Life October 2017

South Canterbury Report

Due to the ravages of the worst flu in 20 years or so, I can’t claim to have had much personal contact with our local trout so far this season. All that is about to change though. If I had some initial reservations regarding the effects of the very large flood event in July they have largely been assuaged with reports of some excellent fishing to be had in South Canterbury rivers.

I often find that the Opihi is patchy early in the season and surmise that the fish are just in the process of re-distributing themselves after spawning, and in some cases taking advantage of the excellent pickings on offer in the estuary and lower river. My informants tell me that this is the case again this season. By December fish should be spread throughout the system.

Stream flows could not be better. In fact I don’t recall such optimum conditions for close to 10 years. Water quality too appears very good. A brief whitebaiting foray at the mouth today confirmed that the water in the river looks pretty good, unlike some recent seasons when whitebaiters and trout fishers alike have complained about the dubious quality of the water.

One friend has been concentrating on the smaller streams before they start to get a bit ‘skinny’ and with very good results. He reports fish of excellent quality and plenty of them. One report indicates that there are a lot of fish in the medium sized category – around 1kg and in tip top condition for the time of year.

One report from Lake Opuha was of a less than auspicious start due to the discoloured water – a problem with the rivers too early in the month. Hopefully the clarity issue will soon resolve itself. My favourite modus operandi pre Christmas is stalking the edges of Opuha with a small nymph or dry fly and casting to cruising fish. Lake Benmore too can be highly productive fished this way.

Marshall twoOne highlight for me not long ago was trolling on Lake Tekapo with Lance O’Rourke and his grandson Harry. It didn’t seem to matter what we used but as the day wore on the fishing just got better and better. Salmon in the 1.5 – 1.8kg range and some well-conditioned rainbows of about the same size comprised the bulk of the catch. The salmon fight well and taste just great. And now the high country season opening is just a week or so away. The cup runneth over!

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