Reel Life March 2022

  • 22/02/2022

We are in the peak dry fly season 

It has been a challenging month to be an angler, with extreme weather and high water in many places. Despite the difficulty that this may bring to fishing, it provides some exceptional opportunities as well.

As river levels fluctuate this can be the motivation we need to fish a new spot and try some different water. It is also a good time to try some different methods on our usual spots.

As rivers clear the trout get back on the feed and this bodes well for the fishing. We are in the peak dry fly season and all the adrenalin that comes with it. Terrestrial activity will continue for a little while yet with the warm weather set to continue over much of the country during March producing average or above average temperatures. With the recent rain rivers are carrying a little more water through this period, which should make for some brilliant late season fishing.

If you are thinking about taking a novice fishing, now is a great time. Casting a big fly at this time of year, even if it is not a great cast, it can produce the kind of splash that will attract a trout and provide the perfect means to hook both angler and fish..

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