Reel Life October 2022

  • 20/10/2022

Reel Life October 2022

What better for a holiday weekend than a bit of fishing.

The weather is looking great, and from all accounts around the country, the fishing so far this season has been superb.

We’ve seen reports of some stonking big fish being caught around the country, and what better way of sharing in the action than by getting out there over the long weekend.

If you are travelling over the long weekend, check out the regional links above to get some great local intel on an area you may be visiting or passing through.

Our regions also have many events planned in the coming months for anglers of all skill levels and experience, so be sure to check out what’s coming up in areas that might interest you.

In the Central South Island Region, the tagged trout project in the canal fishery is showing some phenomenal growth rates, with two tagged trout caught recently over the 20-pound mark.

The CSI team have also got some hints for keeping your bait legal when fishing, which is applicable across all regions.

Ever wanted to know what you need to do to catch fish on the Waikato? The Auckland Waikato team have a handy checklist that will help you have success on the mighty Waikato River.

FGNZ6377B3As an interesting aside, the team at North Canterbury Fish & Game was recently given a trout fishing licence for the Avon River from 1876 in immaculate condition.

It was purchased by Richard Marby Cotton and was one of the first fishing licences ever sold in New Zealand.

It has been kept in immaculate condition for 145 years and has now been entrusted to North Canterbury Fish & Game for preservation.

The ever-informative team at Southland Fish & Game have got some handy tips for getting to grips with soft bait fishing.

Soft baits have revolutionised freshwater angling, but some anglers still don’t have much success with them, so click through to get some hints.

In the next couple of months, all Fish & Game Councils will be holding their annual general meetings; if you’ve ever wondered where your licence fees go, getting the annual report at the AGM is a great way to answer that question.

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