North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report – Friday 8th October 2021

  • North Canterbury
  • 7/10/2021
  • Richie Cosgrove

North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report – Friday 8th October 2021

Hello and welcome to the North Canterbury weekly fishing report. 

Trust you all managed to get out for the opening day and make the most of the fantastic weather, I cannot recall weather like that on an opening day for a very long time!

For the most part, the rivers across the region were in fantastic condition, although the Ashley River / Rakahuri, is still carrying some colour due to some slips further up the catchment, a period without any significant rainfall should see this come clean soon.

Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere closed the sea early Monday morning, I have found in the past this can sometimes correspond with an increase of trout in the Lower Rakaia River so it could be well worth a look down there this weekend.

There has been some rain in the headwaters today so the river will likely be higher and carrying more colour than usual-If this is the case try fishing a lure or fly dark in colour and something with a large profile.

I have had some fantastic fishing in the lower braids with a dark cross-cut rabbit fly with those conditions.

I have seen pictures of some fantastic, conditioned rainbow trout coming out of Lake Selfe with fish up to 3kg being caught.

A good reminder that this lake is now open for October as well as Lake Taylor, Lake Pearson, Lake Lyndon and Lake Guyon.

As mentioned last week October is a fantastic time of year to target Browns in these lakes.

With the rain falling today in the headwaters the regions backcountry rivers will be high again this weekend which is typical for the early season.

It appears this weekend may be overcast conditions so my tip if you’re wanting to sight fish a river is to fish somewhere with trees or dark vegetation as a backdrop giving you a bit of assistance spotting fish.

A good nymph option to have in your box if the rivers are high early season is some Dobsonfly (toe biter) (Archichauliodes) imitations.

Be sure to get a Backcountry Licence Endorsement for your license before you head out to any rivers where they are required.

See further details here:

Above: Peter Meecham casts out on sunrise at the mouth of the Selwyn River/Waikiriri.

Pro tip: Insect activity throughout the regions lakes and rivers is usually quieter early season. It is well worth having some “meat” in your box, larger streamers/baitfish imitation flies and lures can be very effective options at this time of year. 

Compliance Issues

If you see any illegal activities, please Call Fish and Game on 0800 327426 or Emily Arthur, (021 221 8332).

We will try and get a Ranger there asap.

Hope you all have a good weekend out there and make the most of the early season excitement to be had!

Tight Lines from the Team at North Canterbury Fish & Game

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