It couldn't be easier to get out into nature and enjoy our wild places and the thrill of catching fish.

Buying your licence

Your fishing licence is your ticket to adventure.

Types of fishing

There are different types of fresh water fishing.

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Getting your gear sorted

Rods, reels...spinners,'s quite a list.

‘How to’ fish

It’s time to tweak your technique or knowledge – check out these easy-to-follow videos.

Our New Zealand fish species

New Zealand is one of the world's great fishing countries.

Kids fishing
Tips for taking kids fishing

Fishing trips are exciting for both parents and children.

Fishing has played an integral role in Aotearoa's history and has been a treasured pastime among Kiwis and tangata whenua for generations. Whether you're aiming to fish for sport, leisure or a break from the busy, we'll provide the know-how to get you out there and learning how to land them!