Both Barrels April 2023

  • Northland
  • 19/04/2023

Both Barrels April 2023

Take a Mate Hunting:

For only $5: 2023 Game bird licence holders can take a mate hunting who has not purchased a game bird licence within the last THREE years.

Hunting for the mate will be permitted on opening weekend ONLY for $5.00, which is the cost of the habitat stamp.

The “mates licence” must be purchased through the Northland Fish and Game office in Whangarei. Email: Phone: 09 4384135 

The recipient of the mate's licence must be accompanied by an adult whole-season licence holder, and it only applies within the Northland Fish and Game Region.

The mate must comply with the game bird hunting regulations.  


Forestry and wetland permits can be obtained from our office. Email: 09 4384135  

What to expect this season:

Paradise numbers have increased slightly from our last trend counts; numbers are abundant in the lower Northland area.

Swan numbers are still high throughout the region. 

It appears that greys and mallards have had a good breeding season.

The birds are possibly more distributed due to the wet year.  


Please make yourself familiar with the 2023 regulation guide. 

Our season runs from opening weekend to 2 July 2023 for greys, mallards and shoveler ducks. 

Paradise shelducks and swans can be hunted up until 30 July. 

California quail, brown quail, cock pheasants and pukeko can be hunted out to 27 August. 

The paradise shelduck special weekend runs for nine days from 17 February 2024 until 25 February 2024. Swan and pukekos can also be hunted during this time. 

No limit changes this year.

Swan 20 birds per day. 

Paradise shelducks 20 birds per day

NZ shoveler 3 birds per day

Grey/mallard 12 birds per day

California quail and brown quail 10 birds per day 

Cock Pheasant 5 birds per day

Compliance and Ranging 

Rangers will be out and about throughout Northland, checking compliance with the hunting regulations.

The offending detected last season resulted in six shotguns being seized, $1900 in fines and one firearms licence being revoked.

It is up to hunters to read and comply with the legislation and regulations.

The consequences of not doing so are not trivial. 

Warm Barrels,

Graham Gallaghan, Northland Fish and Game.

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