Both Barrels June 2020

  • Southland
  • 11/06/2020

Both Barrels June 2020

Opening Weekend

Opening weekend was a great success in Southland with plenty of birds about.

As per usual, the weather was great for barbecuing, but not real helpful for hunting, however those that put in the effort reaped the rewards.

This season rangers only encountered four instances of non-compliance which was great to see.

Birds have been in quite variable condition this year, but plenty of tender juvenile birds for trying lots of new recipes!

Drift Shooting

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Drift shooting can be very productive.

Drift shooting is now allowed (as of the 8th of June) and provides hunters with another great way to target mallards.

During the middle of the day, mallards will often rest up in the willows or river backwaters and drifting past them in a boat can be a fun and productive way to target them.

Drifting down the river can also give you an idea of where ducks are living, and you can return later down the track and set up with decoys.

When drift shooting it is important to keep safety in mind.

Wear a life jacket and take a spare oar.

Be mindful of current and getting too close to willows.

Take an Epirb with you in case there is limited reception during your drift and something goes wrong.

Check your firing zone before shooting.

Hot Barrels

Erin Garrick, Southland Fish & Game Officer

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