Fish & Game Wades Into Hunter Accessibility

  • 30/04/2024

Fish & Game Wades Into Hunter Accessibility

Fish & Game is actively trying to provide opportunities for all to go fishing and game bird hunting.

There are three wheelchair-friendly fishing platforms around the Rotorua lakes, with three more planned to be built, and now a wheelchair accessible maimai has been completed.

A perfect location arose with the expansion of wetland habitat in the Kaituna Wildlife Management Reserve (near Te Puke) by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

An old maimai site canal was recontoured and widened, a vehicle maintenance track created alongside it, and a flat pad made for the new stand which is ideal for wheelchair access.

A specifically designed maimai was drawn up, and a couple of locally known wheelchair users conducted site visits to help advise on access issues and whether the plans were fit for purpose.

The maimai complies with modern width and turn around designs and incorporates a concrete path and maimai floor, enabling smooth and stable entry for wheelchairs. The maimai also has split-level roofing to enable good visibility and shooting for both the wheelchair hunter and an accompanying able body hunter. Copies of the designs are available by emailing

Well known Rotorua businesses were approached for assistance funding the initiative and eagerly jumped on board to help sponsor the products. Fish & Game extends sincere gratitude to Andersen Civil & Drainage, Firth Concrete, Rotorua ITM and Metalcraft Roofing – without your generous donations this project may not have progressed.

Young tradies who frequently duck hunt the Kaituna wetland were also approached and offered their skills and time free of charge to construction the maimai. Good on ya lads!

The maimai is purpose built, camo painted and ready for a keen wheelchair hunter to occupy for the 2024 season – with an able-bodied person to partner. The site will be balloted should there be more than one applicant.

If you are a wheelchair hunter keen to have a crack at ducks this season and you need a possie – please give us a call or email us at

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