Fathers Day success for young hunters in the Hawkes Bay

  • Hawke's Bay
  • 5/09/2017
  • Hawkes Bay

Fathers Day success for young hunters in the Hawkes Bay

Each year, nine junior game bird licence holders from the Hawkes Bay region get to go on a Fathers Day driven pheasant shoot at the historic Tuna Nui Station.

All junior game bird licence holders in the region are contacted and those that respond go into a draw for the nine spots.

Organised by Hawkes Bay Fish & Game, Tuna Nui Station and NZ Gamebirds this is truly a once in a lifetime experience for these junior hunters.

Above right: Giulietta Whitney with the results of a successful shoot.

Cold weather failed to dampen their spirits and the nine Hawkes Bay youth paid attention to the guidance from their minders and after a slow start, started harvesting birds with regularity.

FGNZ HB Junior Pheasant Shoot54For many it was their first time shooting at birds coming over straight at them, whilst most had experience at clay bird shooting those birds are flying away from them, not coming straight at them.

Forty-five birds were harvested by the juniors, and their shot to bird ratio was about double what adults achieve on the commercial hunts at Tuna Nui station.

FGNZ HB Junior Pheasant Shoot26The juniors must have been shooting well as the final shoot was at the famous “Bull Paddock” which is regarded as the signature shoot on the station.

The Fathers Day shoot is traditionally the last shoot of the season at Tuna Nui, and nearly 50 people volunteered their time to help make the day very special for the nine juniors.

Fish & Game would like to thank Tuna Nui Station & NZ gamebirds for helping make this fantastic event happen each year.

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