Wellington Weekly Hunting Report - 24 May 2019

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  • 22/05/2019

Wellington Weekly Hunting Report - 24 May 2019

Time To Mix Up Your Hunting

Right: An enthusiastic retrieve by 14-month-old GSP Digby at Lake Wairarapa on Sunday (Photo: Alex Dalzel). 

We're stuck with a moderate northwest flow over much of the region which isn't that conducive to static waterfowl hunting - time to change things up, perhaps. 

The fine weather could present an opportunity for hunters to scout out some new locations because shooting the same spot too often will certainly drive the birds away. 

Ducks will still be flying early morning and early evening so looking for flight lines between ponds and open water could result in some good hunting.  

Rivers are also a fair bet as many ducks will be seeking refuge on these waterways, both large and small, tucked under cover or out in wide open places where they can see danger coming. 

With a fine weekend on the cards it's also a great opportunity to take someone new to hunting along with you - Jump-shoot a small creek, set up for an evening on a lake edge or river, walk up some pheasant or pukeko. 

There are plenty of opportunities despite the calm conditions and, given we're almost halfway through the season, it's time to make the most of them.     

Grab your licence if you’ve been slow on the get go.

Here are the prospects:


Friday   Mainly fine icon12  Partly cloudy with brisk northwesterlies.  
Saturday Windy icon7 Fine with brisk northwesterlies.  
Sunday Windy icon7 Mainly fine; gusty northwesterlies.


Friday  Cloudy icon16  Cloudy; northwesterlies.  
Saturday Mainly fine icon13 Partly cloudy with northwesterlies. 
Sunday Showers mainly fine19 Isolated showers with northwesterlies. 


Friday   Mainly fine icon14  Cloudy periods with northwesterlies.  
Saturday Mainly fine icon15 Cloudy periods with northwesterlies. 
Sunday Mainly fine icon16 Some cloud with northwesterlies. 

Three day rain forecast

For the latest rain forecast click here

Fri 24 May 2019 edited Sat 25 May 2019 edited Sun 26 May 2019 edited
Friday, May 24, Noon. Saturday, May 25, 9am 

Sunday, May 26, 9am


Habitat Stamp Comp

Fish & Game and the NZ Game Bird Habitat Trust have agreed to run a photographic competition to select a winning image to be used on the Game Bird Habitat Stamp for 2020. 
Habitat photo compFor more information about the competition and entry forms, click here

Entry to JK Donald Block

Inked20190513 152156 LIJust a reminder to hunters that you must have a current vehicle sticker and Lake Wairarapa Hunting Permit to access the JK Donald - both are available from Wellington Fish & Game's office by calling (06)359-0409. 

You must also obtain the landowners permission. We can provide contact details when you apply for your sticker and permit. 

Please respect the landowners property; crossing private land to the Donald block is a privilege. You are also passing through a working farm so ensure you leave all gates as you find them. 

Following some complaints about itinerant hunters turning up over Opening Weekend the ranger presence this season will be more vigilant and we also have hidden security cameras on site top catch trespassers.    

Take a Newbie Hunting

DSC05098 editedGiven the opportunity, kids will leap at the chance to go hunting with mum or dad (Credit: Hamish Carnachan)

Most hunters will know that it takes a hunter to make a hunter.

Trying to start out in the often mystifying world of waterfowling without any guidance or support would be a daunting prospect.

Why not make this season the one that you introduce a friend, partner or family member to the awesome pursuit of duck hunting?  

Now that Opening is behind us, and with weeks of hunting ahead, it's a great time to take someone new out without the pressure and sometimes chaotic times that surround the first Saturday and Sunday of the season. 

Just a few hours sitting in a maimai on an evening shoot, jump-shooting a river or creek, or huddling around makeshift cover on open water with a handful of decoys out is all it takes to give a newbie a taste of this wonderful pastime.  

Remember, the future of our pursuit relies on a large number of hunters to provide a strong voice to safeguard it from those who want it banned.You can directly play a part in this important recruitment process.    

Fish & Game has information and advice on how to start out new participants, and we can even point you in the direction of somewhere safe to take them with a good chance of bagging a bird or two. For more info, contact the office 06-3590409. 

*This report was accurate at time of writing - please ensure you check the latest weather information before you head out.


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