Note: All hunting on opening weekend of game season is restricted to ballot winners and their party members only.

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Permit Conditions

  1. Permits are not valid unless signed by the permit holder.
  2. Permits do not entitle the holder to hunt game birds unless a licence issued under the Wildlife Act 1953 is also held.
  3. All game bird hunting is subject to the current game gazette. Game gazette regulations can be found at
  4. Site specific rules must be followed and are listed on the back of permits.

Ealing Springs

  1. Prior contact with Andrew Morris 021 285 4202 or 03 3037606 for access is required.
  2. For any dog intended to be taken into the reserve, current vaccination and registration details must be provided with the application.

Devils Bridge

  1. Prior contact with Trust representative Aaron Meikle is required 0274 989 703 or
  2. During opening weekend hunting stands may be occupied by no more than two (2) persons, one of whom must be the ballot winner for that stand site.

Wainono Reserve and All Day Bay

  1. During opening weekend hunting stands may be occupied by no more than two (2) persons, one of whom must be the ballot winner for that stand site. Rest of game bird season, no restriction.

General Conditions

  1. Use of powered boats is not permitted.
  2. It is not permissible to use lead shot for waterfowl hunting on any Central South Island Fish and Game Council (CSIFGC) managed wetlands excepting .410g.
  3. No vegetation is to be cut, felled or removed from within the managed wetland area.
  4. Where no stand is provided any hunting stands must be constructed of natural materials.
  5. Other than opening weekend any stand not occupied may be occupied by any permitted hunter on a first in, first served, basis.
  6. Any maimais present must not be altered without express permission from CSIFGC excepting the addition of vegetation for camouflage. Noxious weeds e.g. broom and gorse are not to be used.
  7. Hunting or shooting from any area other than a marked stand during opening weekend is prohibited.
  8. Hunting stands are not to be below ground level or require excavation of surface material.
  9. All rubbish and harvested birds must be removed on each occasion stand is occupied.
  10. All temporary stands must be removed or left tidy at the end of the hunting season. This condition is imposed to be compatible with the sound management and aesthetic appreciation of the wetlands.
  11. Any reasonable health and safety instructions given by CSIFGC or landowners where applicable must be followed.
  12. In consideration of being given permission to enter CSIFGC managed land, permit holders do so at entirely their own risk.
  13. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions may result in the declining of future applications at the discretion of the Chief Executive of CSIFGC.