Fish & Game welcomes new government as win for environment

  • 20/10/2017
  • Richie Cosgrove

Fish & Game welcomes new government as win for environment

Fish & Game is welcoming the formation of the new government, saying it is a win for the environment.

After weeks of negotiation, Labour, New Zealand First and the Green Party will form a coalition to govern the country for the coming three years. 

Fish & Game chief executive Bryce Johnson says that is good news for the environment and conservation.

“All three parties have overlapping policies on these important issues and this bodes well as it means significant progress can now be made on improving and protecting our natural heritage,” Mr Johnson says.

Bryce Johnson says this united policy across all three parties is particularly apparent when it comes to water quality.

“This was the swimmable election.  The quality of water in our rivers, lakes and streams emerged as one of the key issues people considered when they cast their vote.

“The three parties now forming the new government all provided good, solid, practical solutions to heal our waterways so New Zealanders can once again swim, fish and gather food in them,” Mr Johnson says.

Bryce Johnson says Fish & Game is pledging to work with the new Jacinda Ardern-led government to improve water quality.

“The people have spoken.  We need to now act decisively to protect our precious natural heritage so it can be enjoyed and treasured now and by generations still to come,” Mr Johnson says.

“We have the opportunity to ensure the economy can grow and continue to be productive without sacrificing the environment to do it.  Without the environment, there is no economy.”

Bryce Johnson says other important issues which need to be tackled are access to the outdoors and the purchase of prime recreational areas by overseas buyers.

“New Zealanders have long enjoyed access to our great outdoors, but worryingly in recent years, that access is being eroded.  It is our birth right to be able to tramp, climb, hunt and fish in our fabulous mountains and bush – that needs to be better protected,” Mr Johnson says.

Fish & Game says preserving access can be easily achieved by strengthening the Walking Access Commission and ensuring the Overseas Investment Office properly consults on recreational access when considering land sales to foreign buyers.

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