Mohaka & Aropaonui River Update

  • Hawke's Bay
  • 12/01/2024

Mohaka & Aropaonui River Update

Mohaka River

No 6 Glenfalls recreation reserve.

The DOC camping ground is still closed waiting for repair work to be undertaken. DOC have plans to re-install the toilets higher up the bank towards the hut but we don't have an eta at this stage. The site has suffered significant damage with the central stream having carved out a path that has cut off access to the lower site and the whole site is at least a metre higher with silt. 

The F&G hut is available to hire for $40/night, contact for more details. The river was fairly clear but we have not heard on anyone being successful fishing through here. Fingerlings have been sited and some invertebrate life was seen. 


No 7 Jock Sutton Road

This Panpac Forestry road is currently closed due to slips & damage. 


No 8 Auroa Road. 

Off Waitara Road, this Panpac forestry road provides public access to about 5km of river. The track down to the river has been cleared of fallen trees and the river is reasonably clear with some signs of invertebrates. No fish life seen. 


Aropaoanaui River

No 7 Waikoau Road 

Approx 2km up Waikoau Rd from Tutira you can now cross the Waikoau bridge that has been replaced with a bailey bridge. Parking is difficult with slips having taken some of the previous bank. Park over the bridge on the downstream side as far to the left as possible and access is back across the bridge down a fairly steep path. The water is very clear. 


No 6 Waikoau Bridge

Directly after the Waikoau bridge to the north is a gravel road that leads off to a ford that crosses the river. Park on the grass before the ford. From here you can walk the river right up to the next access point. There is a fair amount of slash
debris along the banks but the water is clear.

No 5 Devils Elbow

Approx 2km north of the Devils Elbow on SH2 before the Waikoau bridge there is a large gravel bay where you can park and access the river by walking over the bank. There are currently large mounds of gravel in the area being used by road repair crews so park with consideration of trucks coming in and out. 


We'd love to get your feedback on what your seeing when your out fishing so send us photos and info to

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