2015 Fish & Game Council Elections

  • 16/03/2015

Fish & Game elections will be held October 2015.

Do you want to help protect fish and game species for future generations to enjoy? Are you happy with how your licence fee is spent? Do you want to put something back into the fish and game resource?

Fish & Game councils are elected by adult whole season licence holders. This is the chance to have your say about who best represents your fishing and hunting interests at a council meeting.

If you feel you have something to offer, consider standing for your local Fish & Game council in the forthcoming elections.

The role of a Fish & Game councillor includes setting fishing and hunting regulations, approving work plans, developing 10-year species management plans, appointing staff, setting policy and promoting fishing and hunting in the community.

One councillor from each of the 12 Fish & Game regions is appointed to the NZ Fish and Game Council, which in consultation with regions recommends licence fees and considers national issues.

All Fish & Game councils provides an essential role in our ‘user pays, user says’ democratic management of sports fish and game birds. This system is unique in the world and relies on anglers and hunters being prepared to stand for election and also voting for who they want on their regional Fish and Game councils.

Here you will find the information you need for the forthcoming Fish & Game elections – however, if you require any clarification on any points please contact your local Fish & Game office, or call the Election Helpline on 0508 666 447.

1. Election background

Election timetable:

Saturday, August 8 - Public Notice of Elections; Call for candidacy/registration for electoral roll
Thursday, August 27 - Nominations close at 5pm
Wednesday, September 9 - Electoral Roll closes at 5pm
Thursday, September 17 - Lodgement of Voter Packs with NZ Post
Friday, October 9 - ELECTION DAY (voting closes at 5pm)
Tuesday, October 13 - Postal votes close; official results produced
Saturday, October 17 - Official declaration; public notice of results
Wednesday, October 28 - Elected members to take office

Fish and Game Council regulations - click here.

2. Are you enrolled to vote?

To be shown on the electoral roll you would have registered to be an elector at the time of buying a licence (by signing or ticking the electoral box on the licence form).

You are entitled to be on the roll if you hold an adult whole season fishing or hunting licence, or are the primary holder of a family fishing licence for the 2014/15 fishing season or 2015 game season.

You are also eligible to vote if you are a holder of such a licence and have, in the period of 3 months before the close of the roll before the election is held, chosen to participate in the election.

To be eligible to vote your name needs to appear on the electoral roll for your preferred Fish and Game Council.

To check whether your name appears on the roll or to have it added, please consult with your local Fish and Game office.


3. Standing for election and voting

Visit the 2015 Fish and Game Council Elections Resource Page (under construction) where you will find:

  • Nomination handbook
  • Enrolment form
  • Regional candidacy papers
  • Public notices by region

4. Nominated candidates and profiles

A full list of candidates for all regions for this year’s elections will be available here.

5. Vote

Voting instructions

Voting papers will be posted from September 17.

Once received you can choose to vote online (see link below). Online voting is available up to 5:00pm Tuesday October 9.

If you intend to vote by post, you will need to post your voting papers by Friday, October 2, to ensure they are recieved by the Returning Officer by the close of voting.

PLEASE NOTE: Voting will occur only where there are more candidates than the 12 available seats on each regional Fish & Game council. If this does not occur, these candidates are automatically elected without an election taking place.


6. Results

Result for each of the regional Fish & Game council elections for the 2012 Elections can be found here.

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