Fish & Game backs call for farming sector to face environmental responsibilities

  • 1/11/2017

Fish & Game backs call for farming sector to face environmental responsibilities

Fish & Game is backing calls for the farming sector to properly tackle the environmental challenges it is facing, saying farming leaders must face up to their responsibilities.

The call is being made by prominent rural economist Peter Fraser, who says the leaders need to wake up to the environmental challenges confronting them.

Fish & Game Chief Executive Martin Taylor is supporting Peter Fraser’s call, saying the farming  sector needs to realise change is here.

Mr Taylor says it is time for strong action by farming leaders.

“Agriculture is facing major change and at such times, strong leadership is vital.

“I was disappointed to see Federated Farmers’ new president claiming on national television that the environmental toll farming is having on the environment is being blown out of proportion,” Mr Taylor says.

“Farmers have to abandon this culture of denial.  Modern, progressive farmers understand they must work with the environment, not against it. 

“Agriculture’s long-term future must be environmentally sustainable if it is to win back its social licence to operate."

Martin Taylor says it’s time farming looked at the bigger picture.

“New Zealanders are fed up with having their rivers, lakes and streams degraded and that frustration is why water quality became one of the defining issues of the recent election,” he says. 

Mr Taylor says all farmers need to get on board now.

“Kiwi families want their rivers and streams to be clean enough to swim, fish and gather food in.

“ Farmers have lost these families’ confidence and they need to regain this trust by showing they will act to restore the environment.”


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