Hunting is a safe activity

  • 18/04/2020

Hunting is a safe activity

The New Zealand outdoors offers fantastic hunting opportunities. Over 195,000 hunters recreate in New Zealand each year and Fish & Game New Zealand and the Game Animal Council say that compared to other outdoor recreational activities, hunting is a very safe outdoor activity.

Fish & Game New Zealand and the Game Animal Council are the Government's statutory advisors on game bird and big game hunting.

From a personal individual hunter point of view, hunting is safe. As noted by the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association this week, ACC's data show that hunting is a long way down the list for annual sports-related injury costs.

Hunting is also a significant food gathering opportunity for many Kiwis.

"We are mindful that everyone wants some certainty around duck hunting. We know it is a national tradition and an important population management tool," Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says.

"Deerstalking and other big game hunting are also traditionally important activities in New Zealand, have significant conservation benefits and for the vast majority of the time are inherently safe," Game Animal Council General Manager Tim Gale says.

"Reducing the cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand remains of utmost importance," Mr Taylor and Mr Gale say.

"We continue to engage with the Government regarding the conditions associated with level 3 and level 2.

"We are also working together with our hunting stakeholder groups to ensure the Government understands that hunting is a safe activity in general. It is now up to the Government to determine if hunting can take place under COVID-19 safety restrictions.

"However, until the Government communicates any changes, we must continue to follow the guidelines as they currently exist."


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