New Manager for Southland Fish and Game

  • 29/09/2015

Fish and Game has appointed a new Manager to replace Maurice Rodway who retires from the position in January 2016.

Zane Moss, currently the Operations Manager at Southland Fish & Game Council, has accepted the position.

The position was advertised nationally through Sheffield, a Christchurch based recruitment and employment agency, to ensure the process was independent, robust and professionally managed. Applications from well qualified people from throughout the country were received.

Mr. Moss has a Master of Science degree in wildlife management and over ten years’ experience with F&G.

Current F&G chairman Stephen Brown says the council was very pleased to appoint Mr. Moss as he has a wealth of experience in Southland and the academic qualifications and management skills needed for this role.

Mr. Moss is particularly interested in promoting the sports of hunting and fishing in the region and ensuring that rivers, lakes, wetlands and estuaries are in a good state to support the high quality fishing and hunting opportunities that are currently available in Southland.

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