No election needed in Fish & Game’s Auckland/Waikato Region

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 6/09/2018

No election will be held for the Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game Council for only the second time in nearly 30 years.

The 2018 triennial elections are well underway; nominations have now closed and the candidates for all 12 Fish & Game regions around the country have been named.

Sitting Chairman Murray Young says that 12 nominations have been confirmed for the 12 positions available, which means an election is not required. All 12 will have a seat on the council.

“This is only the second time since Fish & Game was established in 1990 that an election has not been held in the Auckland/Waikato Region.

Murray Young says that the region’s licenceholders, both anglers and hunters who are eligible to vote, can rest assured that the lack of an election is no cause for concern.

“These 12 soon-to-be councillors are all motivated and well qualified folk who will do their level best for the region’s hunters and anglers.

“Indeed, there is new blood in the form of George Avery and Ben Moore – new councillors who are replacing retiring Craig Carey and Brendon Smith.

“We believe that the lack of nominations reflects an absence of any major contentious issues, and suggests that hunters and anglers are generally happy with their success after a couple of good seasons. ”

Mr Young added that he and his fellow councillors would also hope that anglers and hunters are broadly happy with the way in which the district’s sports fish and game bird resources have been managed.

Most Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game councillors are either farmers or work in rural-based industries, he says.

“Their expertise in assisting Council manage the 1700 hectares of Fish & Game-owned wetland in the Waikato has been “greatly appreciated.”

Voting in other regions begins later in the month, with NZ Post distributing voter packs on September 20. 

Voting closes at 5pm on October 12, although to allow time for postal votes to arrive, the final close off date is October 16.

The results are officially announced on October 20.

To view the list of Fish & Game candidates, click here


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