Time’s running out - have your say on protecting trout!

  • 17/10/2018

Time’s running out - have your say on protecting trout!

Fish & Game is calling on anglers, as a deadline approaches, to step up their efforts to ensure trout and angling are protected from the controversial Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill. 

Act now or outings like the one above will be put at risk.  

The campaign to protect your interests against controversial provisions in the Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill is doing well – thanks to you telling politicians of your opposition to the legislation as it presently stands.

Rest assured, politicians are noticing the volume of emails they are receiving on this issue, so keep it up.

But with time running out, it’s time to step up your efforts, and make sure your fishing mates are also doing their bit to ensure trout and trout fishing are protected from the Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill.

The Bill poses a serious threat to trout.

It could allow for the removal of trout and salmon from waterways, even if they’re well recognised and highly regarded trout fisheries.

It could make it easier for the sale of trout and trout fishing rights in treaty settlements.

It reduces Fish & Game’s right to be consulted as managers of trout and other sports fish.

It also reduces Fish & Game’s ability to protect your interests as a licenceholder and angler.

For those of you who want to know more how big a threat the Bill poses, have a look at the legal advice provided to Fish & Game by Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC warning about its contents.

You can read that legal advice here

The most important things to do now are to continue lobbying MPs and make a submission to the Parliamentary Select Committee considering the Amendment Bill.

The Select Committee is your chance to get meaningful changes made to the Bill.

Rest assured, Fish & Game will be making detailed written and oral submissions to the Select Committee.

But members of the Select Committee also need to hear from you.

As anglers, you need to tell them of their opposition to the Bill’s clauses 5, 6 and 17.

Details of just what those clauses mean are here

Tell them how much you value trout fishing, the recreational and health benefits which come from trout angling and the long cultural, traditional and historic connections New Zealanders have with trout and salmon.

And tell them of your family’s connection to trout and angling and how the knowledge and skills you now use have been passed down generation to generation.

You only have a fortnight left to tell the Select Committee you want change.

All submissions on the Bill must be in by Thursday 25 October.

The process is straightforward and you can make your submission on-line at this link

Or you can send a written submission – you will need to include two copies and a covering letter.  Details are here

And for advice on how to actually write a submission and what to say, have a look here

With a fortnight to go before submissions close, anglers also need to continue lobbying their MPs.

Angling clubs in particular should be representing their members’ interests by making appointments to see their local MP to tell them they oppose the Bill’s anti-trout provisions.

Remember your area may have both electorate and list MPs, so make sure you visit them all in their electorate offices.

For details on how to contact your MP, along with more information on the Bill and advice on how to fight it, visit the Fish & Game website page

And don’t forget to sign the petition registering your opposition to the Bill and asking for it to be changed.  Go here to sign the petition

Fish & Game is continuing to work on your behalf talking to politicians and officials to try and get the Bill changed.

But each and every individual angler also need to step up and do their bit.


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