Angler survey fishing for data on Lake Hawea

  • Otago
  • 13/09/2022
  • Bruce Quirey

Angler survey fishing for data on Lake Hawea

Anglers fishing on Lake Hawea can expect to be quizzed by rangers during a three-year research project starting this month.

Otago Fish & Game will survey anglers to discover more about the health of the lake fishery.

Field officer Ben Sowry says staff and volunteers will conduct brief interviews by boat and on shore.

“Last season we saw anglers catching a lot of salmon and some really nice-conditioned rainbows around Christmas and New Year,” Mr Sowry said.

“We’re interested to see how well the lake fishes throughout the seasons over the next three years.”

Anglers will be asked how long they have been fishing that day, how many seasons they fished Lake Hawea, how many days a season they fish the lake, and what they caught.

Any fish caught will be weighed and measured, to get an idea of the average size and condition of rainbow and brown trout and Chinook salmon in the lake.

“If you’re fishing on Lake Hawea this season, expect to see us out there,” Mr Sowry says.

“Please have your licence ready and be prepared to answer a few quick questions.

“We will also be more than happy to pass on a few fishing tips.”

Fish & Game is rotating three-year angler surveys around lakes Hawea, Wanaka and Wakatipu.

The surveys will provide crucial monitoring data to understand long-term trends and manage the fishery.

Rangers will continue routine compliance checks at other southern lakes and rivers.

Anglers are reminded to carry their fishing licences when fishing, as required by law.

Lake Hawea is open year-round to current licence holders. The 2022-23 season begins on October 1.

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