Anglers – ‘Go For Gold In Your Own Backyard’

  • 15/08/2016

Anglers…get all set to go for gold of your own in the new fishing season – by buying your sports fishing licence early.

2016 17 Fishing LicenceFish & Game has made it easier than ever for the seasoned angler, or “give it a go” person, to buy a licence early online – to be all set for the spring start of the new season on October 1, 2016.

“Be the first off the blocks to buy your licence via our online ordering system – and there’s plenty of options to suit every individual’s lifestyle - from August 18 2016,” says Fish & Game Communications Manager Don Rood.

Mr Rood says it’s timely to remind both freshwater anglers or “wannabe fishers” of the big range of freshwater fishing options to choose from when the 2016-17 trout and salmon licences go on sale.

There are nine ways to catch a fish, and be a ‘medal winner’ – even a ‘bronze’ or ‘silver’ fish in terms size can be a great fighter and provide some real excitement.”

“If you want to be able to fish almost anywhere and anytime, in essence, as often as you like, there is nothing better than a whole season licence.

“Don’t underestimate the amount of fishing you may do over the coming year – we urge you to buy a full season to get the most value for your efforts. A whole season licence pays for itself in less than seven outings.”

A whole season means you can fish all New Zealand except for Taupo which is run by Department of Conservation, says Mr Rood.

“This still represents extraordinary value - some of the finest fishing the world can offer.”

Licences start from a One Day licence – perfect for those who want to try the sport, he says, which remains a bargain at $20, great for the first time angler giving it a go, or someone going out with a guide or charter boat.

Mr Rood says that “right now” is the time to review the licence options and try and decide which one is the best fit for your lifestyle and habits – or in other words, how much time you have to devote to freshwater fishing and where you plan to fish.

“The behaviour of licence buyers after we introduced four new licences shows that people appreciate the number of options they’ve been given, whether seasoned anglers, newbies or people about to set off on their summer holiday.”

Mr Rood says that the Local Area licence has for example, been very popular in certain regions where it suits those who don’t travel far to fish and perhaps are on a fixed income.

“We also recognised veteran anglers over 65 who had bought a whole season licence for at least the last five years in a row – who became eligible for a Loyal Senior Licence.”

And the holidaymaker now has more choice – in particular, a Short Break licence covering three days or a Long Break for nine days of fishing.

Don’t hesitate to call or phone your local Fish & Game office if you are unsure of what to buy, Mr Rood adds, “as our staff are only too happy to offer some friendly advice on the best option for you.”

To buy your new licence from August 18 simply visit:

Enter your 2015 Licence number with your date of birth into Returning Customer and click on Find my details, follow directions.

If you are a new customer, just follow and answer the prompts about who it is for (resident/non-resident), confirm the season and the licence category, then enter your personal details.

You can still buy your licence from your favourite store or nearest Fish and Game agent where staff can go online place the licence order for you – at the same time you can stock up on waterproof gear, line, flies and lures.

Customers who buy online receive an attractive, durable plastic card. Plastic licences will be mailed within five working days of being ordered. You will also be given the 2016/17 Sports Fishing Regulations guide booklet.

If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe online to our free monthly email newsletter Reel Life to keep up to date with all the latest news and tips from around the Fish & Game regions. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

The licence fees enable Fish & Game to improve your angling experience through improved access information, freshwater habitat protection, population management, and encouraging youngsters to take up sports fishing.”


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