Anglers pack the riverside to learn about softbaits

  • Otago
  • 12/11/2020
  • Richie Cosgrove

Anglers pack the riverside to learn about softbaits

Outram was a hotbed of angling activity on Wednesday night when about 50 anglers attended the first of three clinics on softbait fishing run by Otago Fish & Game. 

Softbaiting is a relatively new freshwater fishing technique, but it is one that markedly increases the angler’s chances of success.

However often with new techniques, anglers can be put off by a lack of or conflicting knowledge hence why Otago F&G is running a series of workshops in the coming weeks. 

Otago Fish & Game Officer Nigel Pacey says “By providing these workshops, we remove the fear that anglers might have of trying a new technique and messing it up. With so many fishing opportunities in Otago where you can try softbaiting out, we want anglers to have the most chance of success.” 

“We had anglers from all skill and age brackets come along tonight, and we’ve given them a few tips for success that they can take away and experiment with.” 


Anglers put into practice what they have learnt.

Angler Geoff Dee says “we do a lot of boat fishing so we thought we’d come along and give it a go’. 

Dee was one of the anglers who successfully caught a nice brown trout during the clinic, which is even more impressive considering nearly 50 anglers were casting into the Taieri River nearby. 

Softbaits can be used on any waterway in Otago designated for bait fishing. 

They are an excellent means by which novice or junior anglers can have fishing success. 

 Video available here:

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