Better value and more options as 2015-16 Fishing Licences go on sale

  • 20/08/2015

Freshwater anglers have a wide range of new freshwater fishing options to choose with Fish & Game’s 2015-16 trout and salmon licences now on sale.

Opening Day 2014The new options have been introduced following surveys to find out what anglers wanted.

Pictured: Nice catch at Lake Tarawera last Opening Day.

“Fish & Game has listened to anglers and the result is that there are now nine different licence options available, from the premium whole season licence covering New Zealand, to a nine day licence and one for a single day’s fishing,” said Fish & Game Communications Manager Don Rood.

“And the key point is that in some cases, those licences will be cheaper than before,” he said.

The new fishing season begins on October 1 and the licences are available now on line and in accredited sports shops and other outlets.

“So all people have to do is review the new licence options, decide which one is the best fit for them, go online and a few clicks later they will have their licence ordered in plenty of time,” said Mr Rood.

“Our Whole Season adult licence is still the premium product, providing superb value and flexibility – a year’s worth of fishing anywhere in the country, except Taupo where Department of Conservation administers the fishery.

“We believe the four new licences on offer will have strong appeal to different groups, whether they are long-time veterans, newbies or folk planning their summer holidays.”

Mr Rood says the “old” 24 hour licence has been rebranded as a One Day licence and is now a little cheaper at $20, great for the first time angler giving it a go, or someone going out with a guide or charter boat.

For those who fish close to home there is the Local Area licence, well suited to those who don’t travel far to fish and perhaps are on a fixed income, he says.

“If you are a veteran angler who’s over 65 and bought a whole season licence for at least the last five years in a row we are now recognising your loyalty – you are eligible for a Loyal Senior Licence.”

Both the Local Area and Loyal Senior Licences are cheaper than the premium Whole Season Licence.

“Fish & Game is also better catering to the Kiwi holidaymaker by providing more options. We are offering Short Break (3 day) and Long Break (9 day) licences, so again, more options, more choice. With a Short Break you’re geared up to fish a three day holiday weekend.”

And of course children under the age of 12 are entitled to a free fishing licence, he adds.

We urge people to weigh up their options, considering their past fishing habits, how they want to fish in future and how much time they plan to devote to the pastime, Mr Rood says.

Mr Rood says interest is already high, with accredited licence agents already selling licences and fielding inquiries about them.

“We’ve opened up the online licence buying facility so you can get hooked up early with a licence – and be all set to go on Opening Day, October 1. Your plastic licence will be mailed within ten days of you completing this order.”

Fish & Game suggests people take advantage of this offer and beat the rush, he says.

“Freshwater fishing in New Zealand is fantastic value. It is regarded internationally as the world’s finest trout angling and yet New Zealanders can access this premium fishing for a year throughout the country from only 27 to 34 cents a day,” Don Rood said.

“That’s a whole lot of low cost fun and enjoyment.

“Every day of the year, Kiwi anglers have top quality trout fishing in fantastic scenery that their overseas counterparts can only dream of and regard as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“On top of that, they can put a meal on the table for their family. There aren’t many recreational pursuits which feed body and soul for so little,” Mr Rood said.

“I urge everyone to get out there and give it a try.”

Fish & Game advice on buying a licence:

For a start, take a look at the options here.

When you’ve selected the most suitable licence, you’ll see a clickable link at the bottom of that page to make your purchase. If you had a licence last year, have your last year’s licence number ready and follow the simple instructions. You’ll find it easy, fast and secure.

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