Fish & Game clamp down on Rotorua stream mouth poachers gets results

  • 25/02/2015

Fish & Game officers are confident they’ve made an impact on offending that has been on the rise at some Lake Rotorua stream mouths over recent weeks.

Poach oneEastern Region officers have stepped up their compliance activities – increasing the frequency of random checks – and boosting the number of officers involved in response to the breaches.

Monitoring has included random checks made on week days and at weekends, as well as responding to tip offs from members of the public.

“The problems have centred on Hamurana, Awahou and Waiteti streams in particular,” says Fish & Game Officer Anthony van Dorp.

“Over recent weeks we’ve dealt with more than 25 incidents involving offences ranging from fishing without a licence and using illegal tackle, to refusing to give details or giving false particulars, and obstructing officers in their duties.

Mr van Dorp says action is being taken against those who have been found committing offences and this will include prosecution in some cases.

“Obstruction of a Fish & Game ranger is a serious offence, punishable by up to two years imprisonment or a $100,000 fine.

“In the worst cases, officers have been obstructed and threatened with violence by poachers who have also had possession of knives.

Follow up inquiries are continuing to identify those involved in obstruction or providing false particulars, “and we are confident some will be identified via photos and video footage collected.”

Mr van Dorp says that there has been a noticeable drop off in offending in the last few days “but we will continue to focus effort in these areas for as long as we feel this is required.”

The public are invited to continue to play their part, he adds, by notifying us of anything suspicious or questionable,“even if people are unsure about what they’ve seen. Please phone 0800-POACHING – 0800 762 244.”

Pictured top right: Fish & Game Officer Anthony van Dorp with fishing rods siezed in one week alone.

Fish & Game Officer Anthony van Dorp
Tel: 07- 357 5501 or Mob: 021 824 407

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