Fish & Game provides ‘how-to’ boat fishing knowledge

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  • 17/12/2018

Fish & Game provides ‘how-to’ boat fishing knowledge

Fish & Game is providing a free talk and demonstration to improve anglers’ boat fishing skills and knowhow this summer.

The event will again be held at Stoney Point Reserve, off Spencer Rd, Lake Tarawera on Sunday 6th of January, 2019. The talk begins at 10am and runs for about two hours.

There is no booking fee and you don’t need to bring anything but a fold-out chair and suitable clothing for rain or shine conditions.

One lucky angler will even win a Kilwell jig rod and reel set just for turning up!

Fish & Game Officers Mark Sherburn and Matt Osborne will talk and demonstrate, providing worthwhile information on the trout’s life-cycle, their food, habits and habitat.

They’ll share tips and techniques on how to be more successful when trout fishing from a boat.

Afterwards, a demonstration will be given on how to clean and completely de-bone a trout before hot smoking it.

“The talk is simple, easy-to-understand stuff designed to enhance an angler’s enjoyment on the lakes, and ultimately make them more successful,” says Mr Sherburn.

“We want licenceholders to be successful and enjoy the wonderful Rotorua lakes fishery.

“We are blessed with an abundance of opportunity here but trout fishing can be tricky to master.”  

For more information contact or phone Mark Sherburn 021-244 1774


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