Have a go at trout fishing with a ‘bargain’ licence

  • 4/04/2016

If for some reason you never got around to buying a trout fishing licence for summer, special winter trout fishing licences on sale now are a bargain!

2009 06170021The winter season started on 1 April 2016 and runs until the end of September.

Communications Manager Don Rood says that at a cost of $74, an adult winter licence gives you the chance to target trout which are in top condition before spawning.

“That’s a whole lot of fishing pleasure, not to mention taking home some nice healthy wild food for the table, for a pretty modest spend.”

A winter licence can be used at various locations throughout the country except Taupo which has a separate licence. Anglers are advised to check local regulations.

Mr Rood says that New Zealanders who are planning autumn or winter holidays are reminded there are other licence options aside from a winter licence, if they only plan to fish for one day to a week or so.

Fish & Game caters to New Zealander on holiday with One Day, Short Break (3 day) and Long Break (9 day) licences.

“With a Short Break you’re geared up to fish a three day holiday weekend – with Anzac Day on Monday April 25 that opportunity is just around the corner.”

There are plenty of opportunities to fish right around the country over coming months with a winter licence, says Mr Rood.

There are many lakes, rivers and streams that remain open in both islands – so again, it’s just a matter of checking the regulations that apply to the place you intend to fish, he says.

Check local rules and regs here or pick up some brochures at your local Fish & Game office.

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