Holiday weekend opportunity for anglers to taste success

  • 21/10/2015

Labour weekend is providing holiday makers with their first opportunity to sample the wider range of new freshwater fishing licences now being offered by Fish & Game.

Graeme Byres from Auckland with grandson Tyler Moore at Lake Tarawera. 0The new range, which was introduced in time for the 2015-16 fishing season, now offers nine different licences to choose from. The new options were introduced following surveys to find out what anglers wanted when they were selecting a licence for trout and salmon fishing. One of the new licences – the Short Break – is specifically tailored for holiday weekends like Labour Weekend, allowing people to fish for three consecutive days.

“This is a great option for people going away for Labour Weekend and wanting to try their hand at trout fishing,” says Fish & Game’s national communications manager Don Rood.

“It allows people to get out on the water every day of the holiday weekend, so if the weather is a bit dodgy on one day or travel plans change, they still have the chance to fish on the other two days with the same licence.

“Hopefully they can have a good weekend away with family and friends and put fish on the table for dinner,” he says.

The new short break category isn’t the only one which will suit Labour Weekend holiday makers, especially those getting the most out of the following short working week by taking four days leave. Fish & Game says there is a licence for just that opportunity.

“One of the other new categories we’ve brought in is the Long Break Licence, which allows someone to fish for nine days in a row,” says Mr Rood.

“That means an angler can fish over Labour Weekend, right through the following week and then the next weekend as well.

“While everyone else is back at work on Tuesday, these lucky anglers will have the whole week and following weekend out fishing,” he said.

Keen anglers are being urged not to forget their families either.

“While we have these new licence categories, the popular family licence is still available. This is one of our premium licences and allows parents or grandparents to take their children or grandchildren fishing together, all on one licence,” says Mr Rood.

“Fish & Game places great emphasis on providing children with the opportunity to get out and go fishing. To ensure they have that chance without a big financial burden on their families, children get the best value licence of all. If they are under 12, it’s free.”

“New Zealand has some of the best trout fishing in the world, with the added bonus that it is in fantastic surroundings,” he says.

“I must add a quick note for boaties who plan to go sea fishing, targetting snapper, blue cod and the like over Labour Weekend. If the weather is too rough to put to sea, why not head to a sheltered lake in your region to try your luck at catching a trout or two?”

Fish & Game’s new licences are available now on line on this website and in accredited sports shops and other outlets.

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