Lake Coleridge fishing competition Results

  • North Canterbury Central South Island
  • 9/12/2023

Lake Coleridge fishing competition Results

Hundreds of anglers flocked to the Canterbury High Country over the weekend to celebrate the opening of the high-country fishing season. 

Despite some windy and choppy conditions making it hard for anglers to catch fish, those that were out early had success. 

Some spectacular fish were caught by anglers of all ages and entered in the annual Lake Coleridge Fishing Competition. 

For the first time in several years, the heaviest fish were all caught by shore-based anglers and all over 3.2 kgs. 

Christchurch’s Ken Carter caught a 3.57 kg brown trout from the beach of Lake Coleridge at Ryton Bay. 

With two other brown trout entered by anglers also over 3 Kg, and all the salmon and rainbow trout weighed in were, on average, much heavier and longer than last year. 

"Average fish condition factors for all three species were pretty good, with all species averaging a better than average score on the condition factor scale", says North Canterbury Fish & Game Officer Emily Craig, organiser of the competition. 

"Of all the fish entered, 75% were caught trolling on Lake Coleridge, but it was shore-based anglers that caught the biggest fish; going to show that you don’t need a boat to catch big fish." 

With 58 fish and 171 anglers entering the competition, it’s important to note that there were many more anglers in the high country for the opening day. 

"Anglers didn’t need to catch a fish to go in the draw for over $8000 in prizes provided by the three Hunting & Fishing NZ stores in our area: Tower Junction, North Canterbury, and Ashburton". 

"It was impressive to see over 200 people braving an afternoon downpour and staying for the prizegiving on Saturday, with an estimated 500 people visiting the area for opening day". 

Lake Coleridge Fishing Competition 2023 – Winners

Adult Chinook Salmon
1st  Scott Bawden 1.68 kg  Lake Coleridge
2nd = David Harris & Ben Hansen 1.58 kg Lake Coleridge
3rd  Arthur Harrison 1.54 kg Lake Coleridge


Adult Rainbow Trout
1st Gary Batchelor  1.82 kg Lake Coleridge
2nd Jason McGrath 1.59 kg Lake Coleridge
3rd Shayne Harris 1.32 kg Lake Coleridge
Adult Brown Trout
1st Ken Carter 3.57 kg Lake Coleridge
2nd Cole Atulolu 3.24 kg Lake Selfe
3rd Daniel Pye 3.22 kg Lake Selfe


Junior Chinook Salmon
1st Malcolm Chisolm 1.60 kg Lake Coleridge
2nd Flinn Taylor 1.58 kg Lake Coleridge
3rd Sjaak Lammers 1.55 kg Lake Coleridge


Junior Rainbow Trout
1st Quinn Brown  1.31 kg Lake Coleridge
2nd Jett Hooper 1.13 kg Lake Coleridge
3rd Ellie Jensen 1.12 kg Lake Coleridge
Junior Brown Trout
1st  Roary Bruce 1.19 kg Lake Coleridge
2nd Lily Rutledge 0.88 kg Lake Coleridge
3rd N/A     


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