Opening dates change for lakes Rotoiti, Okataina and Tarawera

  • Eastern
  • 17/08/2021
  • Eastern

The traditional opening dates for lakes Rotoiti, Okataina and Tarawera are set to change for the new season.

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While the new fishing season will commence on the 1st of October as always, lakes Rotoiti, Okataina and Tarawera won’t be open until the Saturday following, which this year will be Saturday the 2nd. This regulation excludes the winter shoreline areas which remain open all year.

The Eastern Fish & Game Council has introduced the change so that anglers who normally work weekdays will be able to enjoy the opening more often, and by having it on the weekend hope that it will create more of a carnival atmosphere for all.

The rest of the Rotorua lakes will open on the 1st (Friday) as normal, as will many of the rivers and streams throughout the country. Anglers are reminded to check their new season regulation guides provided with their licence or available on-line from the Fish & Game web page.

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