Waioeka River 'all set' for anglers

  • 17/11/2015

Fish & Game staff have cleared tracks and angler access points and sprayed weed re-growth throughout the Waioeka Gorge and Opato Stream in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, to make sure all the tracks are useable.

Nov 2015 047Anglers who wish to use the Fish & Game access tracks are reminded that the easiest way to locate them is to follow the directions in the Waioeka River access brochure available from Fish & Game both online here and from most licence agents.

Staff say the tracks are now in good condition for angler use over summer when they are normally receive most use.

Fish & Game staff also report that anglers so far this season have enjoyed some good fishing with plenty of rainbow and brown trout caught.

They say early in the season weighted nymphs fished under an indicator work well, with dry flies more useful from December and January.

Historically, as the Waioeka and its tributary streams warm up in summer, trout tend to position themselves in the turbulent riffle and pocket waters, which can make for great angling action.

The Waioeka River is also open to spin fishing and the long slow lower sections are ideally suited to this method.

A number of anglers have been spoken to by Fish & Game rangers in the Waioeka River area, with some surprised to find themselves checked for licences in out of the way places.

Pleasingly, all were found to be licenced to fish, however staff say its timely to gently remind anglers to remember to carry their fishing licences with them when fishing.

Holidaymakers are reminded that Fish & Game’s new licences including Short Break and Long Break are available now on line (www.fishandgame.org.nz /licences) and in accredited sports shops and other outlets.

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