Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 3 March 2022

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  • 2/03/2022
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Wellington Weekly Fishing Report - 3 March 2022

Another Cracker Weekend For Fishing    

Pictured - Andrew Morrow with one of several stunning lower North Island backcountry browns he and photographer Peter de Boer caught last weekend.    

The settled weather has returned and the fish are back on the bite with a vengeance! 

Cooler overnight temperatures and excellent flow from recent rain has rivers in great shape throughout the region. 

And with the transition into autumn the trout are starting to feed up frantically to put on condition ahead of the spawning season ahead.

Combine this with a terrestrial hatch that has been persistent for weeks now and you've got some very exciting angling on offer as illustrated by our photo above. 

Make the most of the angling stars that have aligned and hit the water this weekend.        

Here's the outlook:

Hutt River and tributaries


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Stunning conditions in the Hutt valley this morning and not a lot will change over the weekend. The HuttAkatarawa and Pakarutahi are all picture-perfect and should be firing this weekend.                

Hutt TotaraPark 5.5cumecs Birchville

The Hutt River at Totara Park this morning (Credit: Al Markham)  

Kapiti Coast 


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The OtakiOhau and Waikanae are all looking perfect on this still and sunny Kapiti Coast morning. Clear conditions, good flows and cool water from recent rains and lower autumn overnight temps should make for some awesome fishing this weekend. 

Otaki SH1 6.5cumecs Pukehinau

The Otaki River at SH1 this morning (Credit: Phil Teal) 



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The Ruamahanga looks fantastic this morning, clean and clear with really good flow for this time of year. Likewise the WaiohineWaingawaTauherenikau and smaller eastern tributaries are all set to go this weekend - take your pick!      

Ruamahanga Cliffs 264mmStage Galdstone

The Ruamahanga River at 'The Cliffs' this morning (Credit: Hamish Carnachan)



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It is a beautiful day in the Manawatu region today with river conditions to match. The mainstem Manawatu River is holding good flow but it is clear and cool; the Pohangina and Orua both look lovely and the Mangatainoka was in great shape when staff drift dived it earlier this week. Have a ball this weekend!           

Manawatu 520mmStage Teachers

The Manawatu River at Teachers College this morning (Credit: Horizons)



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The Rangitikei River is looking superb today and, like the rest of the lower North Island, the region has great weather forecast right through Saturday and Sunday. With drift dives last week revealing excellent numbers of trout in stunning condition, this is our pick of spots for fishing this weekend.      

Rangitikei 2750mmStage Mangaweka

The Rangitikei River at Pukeokahu this morning (Credit: Horizons) 


Tip of The Week - Keep An Eye On Spawning Tribs 

WR Tip 3Mar2022

Anglers should keep an eye on smaller streams as trout start to migrate for spawning (Credit: Hamish Carnachan) 

The reduction in daylight hours and cooling ambient temperatures we are experiencing are seasonal cues which will soon have the trout in our region switching their behaviour as they prepare for spawning. 

Fish will noticeably be more aggressive on the bite as they become territorial and also hasten to put on condition for the grueling winter months. 

They will start to migrate too.

This may mean they move closer to the confluences of their natal spawning streams as they await cues to run into the headwaters. If the spawning tributaries are holding enough water and cover, fish could feel safe enough to move now. 

Anglers may also soon notice fish starting to school. This is likely migrations of trout moving from the lower reaches and estuary areas towards their spawning streams. 

Autumn is an exciting time for anglers with settled weather and fish focused on feeding. Observe the seasonal behaviour and target your fishing to match and you'll have a ball over the next couple of months.       


River Webcams

Click the screen shot below to go to Horizon's website showing the list of available river webcams.




  • Wellington Fish & Game has been advised of the following dates for flushing flows from the Moawhango Dam:

 9:00 pm Tuesday 15 March to 2:00 am Wednesday 16 March 2022
 9:00 pm Tuesday 3 May to 2:00 am Wednesday 4 May 2022 (river ecological state dependent)    

  • River Bulldozing - Don't get an unwelcome surprise by Greater Wellington Regional Council's river bulldozing ruining your day on the river. The upcoming activity schedule can be found here.

Email Wellington Communications and Field Officer Hamish Carnachan if you'd like any fishing or freshwater-related items posted to this noticeboard.

​*This report was accurate at time of writing. For your safety please ensure you check the latest weather and river flow information before you head out on the water.

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