Auckland / Waikato Reel Life Mar 2017

  • 31/03/2017

Auckland / Waikato Reel Life Mar 2017

Tagging fish on the Whanganui River

An ambitious tagging program has been started on the Whanganui River by Fish & Game councillor Nigel Juby.

Nigel has already begun tagging fish on the upper Whanganui River in an effort to work out possible movements and growth rates of fish in the catchment.

Due to the size of the Whanganui River, recovering enough tags to make the project useful will be challenging so please be vigilant when fishing in the area.

If you catch a tagged fish please report it by ringing the Fish & Game office (07-849 1666) or send an email to with the length and weight (if possible) of the fish.

If you’re releasing the fish and don’t carry a tape measure with you simply use your rod to take a length and measure it when you get home.

Top right: One of the Whanganui River fish tagged by Nigel Juby.

New web pages and access info

The Fish & Game website and regional pages are receiving a makeover and by the time Reel Life is published the Auckland/Waikato access map should be updated with many of the region’s accessible fishing sites.

By clicking on the fishing symbol on this page you will see a short description of the location and a link to further information.

This info is also accessible on the web page by clicking on ‘Partner Information,’ selecting ‘Fish & Game’ and then selecting ‘Fish.’

AW2RLMar2017Left: Screen shot of the web page.

Coromandel rivers down but not out - yet?

The significant flood that hit the Coromandel and Hunua Ranges in March was an unneeded blow after several hot summers that left the fishery in a questionable state.

Staff will attempt to drift dive sections of the Waitawheta River once waters have receded to compare fish numbers to historic counts.

If you fish the Ohinemuri or the Waitawheta over the next couple of weeks please pass on any observations, as any information is useful.

If significant damage has been done to the fishery a temporary closure may be necessary.


Right: A stricken yacht that was washed off it’s mooring from flood waters off the Hunua Ranges.


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