Auckland/Waikato Reel Life January 2020

  • Auckland/Waikato
  • 20/01/2020

Auckland/Waikato Reel Life January 2020

Drift dives reveal some good fish

Although there were low numbers of juvenile fish detected in some streams last year the reduced pressure has allowed for an increase in the size and number of larger fish in some streams.

The initial round of drift dives for 2020 has revealed some unusually big fish in the upper Waihou and the Mangatutu.

Right: Fish and Game staff drift diving.

The one exception to the increase in larger fish is the Awakino where there was a reduction in large fish spotted but a very strong cohort of juvenile rainbows.

The upper end of Gribbon road was 19°C during the second week of January compared to 16-18°C in previous years.

It is likely that the extremely low flows and warm water have forced larger fish upriver to cooler water.

Fishing will be good for the next couple of weeks as most streams are running clear.

Fish stocks look good overall and there is some good sight fishing for the time being so get out there.

Sediment and algal growth were evident in most streams and reinforce the need to change farming practices on both dairy and dry stock farms.

Fencing and setback rules will be a welcome change for our rivers, keeping them clean and cool for years to come.

An old threat in a new market


A screenshot of the post that was offering trout for sale.

Banning the sale of trout is an important tool to prevent sports fish from being sold.

By eliminating the legal market, it is very difficult to sell sports fish.

Selling trout on the sly is not a new problem for Fish and Game but illegal sales were traditionally done at the local pub where the market is very limited.

Facebook Marketplace has opened a huge new black market that can attract buyers locally or internationally.

Users may not be aware that all activities on Facebook are recorded and are available to enforcement agencies for prosecution purposes.

Fish and Game staff have recently been informed about trout for sale in Tokoroa on Facebook.

The seller has been contacted and informed of the rules prohibiting the sale of sports fish.

If you see any sports fish for sale, please take a screenshot and send it to

Tight Lines

Adam Daniel, Auckland/Waikato Fish & Game Officer.

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