Chris Dore Fishing Report Mar 2017

  • Otago
  • 31/03/2017

Chris Dore Fishing Report Mar 2017

Mataura nymphing advice for April

  • Tie small: 16 & 18. Match the size of the naturals.
  • If you must for weight, tie size 14's, however I just load some nymphs with lead and others with two 2mm tungsten beads.

chris dore two2

  •  Throw in some colour... orange, pink, green beads, etc, all get noticed and yes, brown trout will eat them. In lieu of a bead try a coloured thread collar, coloured wing case, or a strand or two of flash as the tail. Gold beads work. Accents work better... 
  • Bring it to life! CDC hackle, or other soft hackle, tied sparsely on your nymph will make it move and you WILL catch more fish.
  •  Drop the weight. For fishing subsurface you want an unweighted nymph tied on a light wire hook to drift high in the water column.
  •  Add a touch of weight... tying the same unweighted pattern on a heavy wire nymph hook will get a little deeper, perfect for those Gucci ankle-deep riffles where autumn trout feed. 
  • Fish slow. Identify the BEST water in the riffle and spend most of your time multiple presentations through the same drift to make sure the fish sees them. If it looks like it should hold fish, it will. Plug away with the right flies, and get the right drift... 

 Dress warm

Chris Dore



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