Eastern Reel Life January 2020

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  • 20/01/2020

Eastern Reel Life January 2020

Last month I wrote about the weather being decidedly ‘spring-like’ and making assumptions that things would get back to normal soon.

Well the weather has got even more weird now and we are experiencing some chilly, autumn-like mornings!

Fortunately, the fishing is much more predictable than the weather.

Right: Solid fish caught deep from Lake Rotoiti

Shoreline stream mouth fishing on Lake Rotorua is improving gradually and the lakes are producing some super fish at depth.

Deep trolling, downriggers and jigging is the way to go during the day but some fish are still being caught in reasonably shallow water early in the morning and evenings.

Rerewhakaaitu continues to fish well as does Rotoma and Okaro.

Rivers and streams in the eastern region are in great shape with anglers reporting high fish numbers.

Cicadas are starting to make their presence known also, so we hope good dry fly action won’t be far off.

Respect the river – know the risks

RL Jan 2020 Eastern ii

Rivers in the region are in excellent condition, although low and clear.

With summer here, we’re thinking about long days boating, fishing, or cooling off in New Zealand’s beautiful rivers and lakes.

It’s also time to remind ourselves and our friends and family of some of the simple rules to keep us river-safe.

Sadly, more people drown in rivers than in any other aquatic environment in New Zealand, too many lives have been lost.

Rivers are changeable and contain hidden dangers

- Don’t take anything for granted. The bank, riverbed and water flow might have changed, and there could be hidden dangers such as submerged objects.

- Keep away from dams and other structures – apart from the agreed sign-posted fishing spots. It is illegal to operate boats or swim within 200m of any hydro structure. There are strong currents and suction effects. Water levels and flows can change significantly throughout the day and massive flows may be released at any time.

- New Zealand’s rivers are powerful, and swimmers often overestimate their abilities. Even if the river looks slow moving and calm, the pressure of moving water is constant and can be powerful.

Never enter a river alone, if in doubt stay out!

Tell someone when you are going and when you expect to return.

Boat fish how-to talk a success!

Our boat fishing how-to at Lake Tarawera on January 4th was a huge success with excellent attendance and very positive feedback received.

Hayden Muter won a jig rod and reel set for attending. Other lesser value spot prizes were also given away.

Check, clean, drain and dry!

With the holidays fast approaching this is a good time to remind anglers of the importance of doing our bit to prevent the spread of pest species.

Catfish are in Lakes Rotoiti and Rotorua and it’s critical we prevent them from entering other waterways in the region.

If you are boating on any of the lakes, carefully check your boat and trailer including the anchor and anchor well for signs of fish, eggs or weed fragments.

Clean off any obvious foreign materials, drain any water and dry before entering another waterway - the lakes are ours to look after!

Eastern news snippets

  • We have been advised that the DOC camping ground at the Lake Tarawera outlet is temporarily closed. Contact DOC for more information.
  • Eastern Fish & Game’s hatchery grounds at 1130 Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha are temporarily closed. The office remains open Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm

Datawatch tagged trout can now be entered online. Entries go into the draw to win one of 20 free whole season fishing licences.

Eastern Region Fishing Diaries – All lakes and streams
Fill in your fishing diaries here to help us manage the Eastern Fish & Game region. Participants go in the draw to win a $100 voucher from Kilwell:


Tight Lines

Mark Sherburn, Eastern Fish & Game Officer

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