North Canterbury Reel Life Mar 2017

  • 31/03/2017
  • Richie Cosgrove

North Canterbury Reel Life Mar 2017

April's bright prospects

Late March and early April often brings settled weather to the Canterbury region. 

Insect activity is high, especially on calm days. 

It is also the time of year when trout will be in their best condition after a summer of feeding. 

Rivers are usually low and clear this time of year as well.

We are still getting some very hot days at the moment even if the morning is a little cool. 

Sometimes, especially on high country lakes, it pays to wait until mid morning if you are fishing from the shore for the fish to become more active. 

Often it looks like there is not much going on but a blind cast with a bushy dry fly seems to bring good results. 

Likewise for rivers, this is the best time of year to fish bushy dry flies.

For spin anglers, getting out deeper in the lakes and focussing fishing efforts at first and last light will bring the best results. 

For salmon anglers, the Rakaia and Waimakariri are getting reasonable catches at the moment. 

The Waimakariri usually fishes well right until the end of April. 

The Rakaia can be variable but the run does seem to be a bit later year. 

Anglers in the Hurunui and Waiau areas will probably need to focus upriver for the next month.

Camping at Coleridge lakes

Recently Fish & Game staff and councillors met with the Selwyn District Council regarding the recent no camping signs that went up this summer around the Coleridge Lakes. 

Fish & Game are advocating for camping at some form in different locations. 

The issues are complex with a variety of land ownership issues at each site. 

The SDC and Fish & Game are hoping to resolve some of these issues before the next fishing season.

It does make it difficult for us to negotiate camping on private land when there is so much litter and evidence of fires left behind at these sites. 

There is a complete ban on lighting fires in the Coleridge area and obviously litter is unacceptable anywhere.

Please be aware that we are doing our best to negotiate some camping on your behalf and we need everyone who stays in this area to be vigilant. 

Introduction to fishing day

Around 400 young anglers braved the rain and cold to enjoy themselves at the Groynes Junior Fishing Lakes in early March.

600 two-four kilogram salmon were released into the lakes the night before.

 Above: Jacob Cowan, 4, with his salmon caught with some help from dad Andy.

Some children were able to leave after 15 minutes having caught their limit bag for the day.

Fish for this event have been sponsored by GVI Logistics and our Fresh Waters programme is proudly supported by Dux Dine, John Jones Steel, Team Hutchison Ford and Protranz Earthworks.


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